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UNSW Outing
If I get an apathetic anne rong statement...I will scream...
If I get an apathetic cindy coment....*glares*
If I get an apathetic alice comment....damn you..-__-

No fair!!!! I asked anne like last week to get me a spiffy pen and she won't give me one know that she has spiffy unsw pens!!!

Waaaahhh! I want a unsw pen. Anyone care to donate since anne clearly shows favouritism...*glares pointedly at luo*
Although I have a feeling cindy's feeling equally vengeful this week and will just deliberately not give me one....-____-


Btw replies I got today from mass texts:

First: Eddy : one text...-___- the stupid noob then didn't reply to me and let me know what lecture he was at.
Second Jeanne - surprisingly, she texted me six times in the period one texted me -____- you random noobs

btw, why was your phone off today luo?

also, cindy, are 3 inch heels too high to dance in?

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NO WAY, REALLY CINDY?!?!?! ZOMG I LOVE YOU EVEN MORE NOW!!!! and no, that's because I may have chucked a filled water bottle at eddy...multiple times xD It just shows that even a techie is nicer than you anne :P. And knowing luo, she probably does have something up her sleeve she's decided not to disclose....

And for the record, no one is my freaking visual eyesore, they're just friends like you guys... -_- And just because I managed to convince Eddy to get me a pen doesn't mean that I have a free pass to raid his freebies you noobs... -.-

I'm not giving you the spiffy one - I only offered the rejects. Guess you can have them anyway. Might as well since I did say. Even though you do have VEs. Plus I guess I scab off you a lot anyway.

Spiffy pen is mine. Nancy has 2 and Jeanne might have one as well.

...TT but you said I could have one...does that me and i get some unsw pens cause you said you offered the rejects which is plural? I do not have VEs!!!! As if they'd pay for anything of mine in contrast to Jia...or Gia....or whatever his name do you spell it?

You neanderthal, visual eyesore does not necessarily mean a bf.

oh well, you totally shuld have gotten your visual eyesore to get you stuff then, you're closer to stanley anyways...-_-

wink wink nudge nudge stannnnnnllllleeeeeeyyyy

And you think I'm going to give you my pen....>_>

pwah meanie btw I'll give you 15 bucks tomoz

It's 19.98 + 4.99 shipping, I emailed you the receipt.

yep, forgot about the shipping... xD seems like you'll be making 2 cents instead of one... xD

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