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UNSW Outing
If I get an apathetic anne rong statement...I will scream...
If I get an apathetic cindy coment....*glares*
If I get an apathetic alice comment....damn you..-__-

No fair!!!! I asked anne like last week to get me a spiffy pen and she won't give me one know that she has spiffy unsw pens!!!

Waaaahhh! I want a unsw pen. Anyone care to donate since anne clearly shows favouritism...*glares pointedly at luo*
Although I have a feeling cindy's feeling equally vengeful this week and will just deliberately not give me one....-____-


Btw replies I got today from mass texts:

First: Eddy : one text...-___- the stupid noob then didn't reply to me and let me know what lecture he was at.
Second Jeanne - surprisingly, she texted me six times in the period one texted me -____- you random noobs

btw, why was your phone off today luo?

also, cindy, are 3 inch heels too high to dance in?

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Lol you already got one from your VE

She did? Argh, whatever.

Will prob get this at open day anyway.

And the really "spiffy" pen, even oyu don't have. LOL

nooo! I want a spiffy pen! give me!!! TT. Just cause anne was mean enough not to give me one...hmpf. btw, what did you think about the heels?

You're an idiot, and I dare you.

hmmmm...iono, but I like the, they're nice...

You're planning to get heels?!

no, I already have them - but I sort of fell/slipped/tripped when I was doing the jive

by the way it's just one spiffy comparison to all the pens everyone else got at open's so not fair.... TT and besides, you got pens - emphasise on pens!!!! you noob and you got a two bags - usyd and unsw!!! and I asked you like a week ago you meanie.... btw cindy, I did ask you during one of our frees but you sort of ignored me/ said you wouldn't get me one

Lol well since I scabbed FOR Anne. Also, if I said no, then you shouldn't have expected anything anyway.

waaahhhhhhhh why not!!!! TT but I want a spiffy pen...

Have an extra diary - you can take. But it's pretty useless. 2010 and following uni weeks (12 weeks a term). Also this week was Queer Week, or was it last week?

yay! can I have that and the pen? :D

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