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προκαλέστε ασφυξία
Эй, я надеюсь, что мне сказали, верно
В случае, если кто - то узнал, что это - русский язык, я держу это к минимуму

Если Вы действительно читаете это,
тоскуйте без Вас.

Я действительно не беру на себя огромный риск, правильно? они фактически нуждаются в правильном месте для этого....

Amandoi stim ce era al nostru ... nu a fost niciodata noastra. La revedere

Se on, kuin kerran minut käynnistetään. ..I ei voi pysähtyä itseä. ..sorry, ei saa väärät ajatukset. Tämä on juuri anteeksipyyntö

Ympärillä täällä sen on vuoden kova kerta herää, päivät mennään vieläpä Silti takki Herra apuni värin, joka
hävittää nuhan Missä sadepisarat pistävät silmiäni joka pidän ne sulkivat en tunne paljon kipua vain
yksinäisesti Ja hiljaisin ystäväni Koskaan kuutamossa, on antaa sinun Sanoo sen ain’ t niin, sanovat että minä
olen onnellinen uudelleen

Sanoo, että se on yli, sanoo että olen dreamin Sanoo että olen parempi kuin sinä jätit minä Sanon että sinä
olet pahoilla, minä voin ottaa se Sanoa että sinä odotat, sanoo ettei sinä Sanot että sinä rakastat minua,
sanoo etten sinä teet minä voin tehdä omat erehdykseni Antavat se taipua ennen kuin se rikkoutuu

Enkö olen oikein, näytä aina olevan? Olen, joka heiluu tähdillä Teen En pidän niitä hihoillani Mutta kun etsit
poikkitieta joka Se sattuu joka päivä ja mikä tahansa tapa joka kierryt minut ’m gonna kiertää toisen tavan

Sanoo, että se on yli, sanoo että olen dreamin Sanoo että olen parempi kuin sinä jätit minä Sanon että sinä
olet pahoilla, minä voin ottaa se Sanoa että sinä odotat, sanoo ettei sinä Sanot että sinä rakastat minua,
sanoo etten sinä teet minä voin tehdä omat erehdykseni Ja oppii antamaan se taipua ennen kuin se rikkoutuu

UNSW Outing
If I get an apathetic anne rong statement...I will scream...
If I get an apathetic cindy coment....*glares*
If I get an apathetic alice comment....damn you..-__-

No fair!!!! I asked anne like last week to get me a spiffy pen and she won't give me one know that she has spiffy unsw pens!!!

Waaaahhh! I want a unsw pen. Anyone care to donate since anne clearly shows favouritism...*glares pointedly at luo*
Although I have a feeling cindy's feeling equally vengeful this week and will just deliberately not give me one....-____-


Btw replies I got today from mass texts:

First: Eddy : one text...-___- the stupid noob then didn't reply to me and let me know what lecture he was at.
Second Jeanne - surprisingly, she texted me six times in the period where...no one texted me -____- you random noobs

btw, why was your phone off today luo?

also, cindy, are 3 inch heels too high to dance in?

les problemes d'examens
Hmmmm, live journal n'est pas tres mal, en fait, c'est tres facile....

Je aurais mange le glace chocolat? moi, j'aurais du prepare pour mon examen de francais ce samedi mais moi, je n'ai pas l'inspiration....TT

Si vous m'avez pose ce question il ya de deux semain, je vous aurais dire que.....

Aussi, je venais de finir les histoires que j'ai ecrites depuis l'anne dernier. ils me touche mais peut-etre, j'ai besoin de change mais malheuresement, il y n'ai pas un histoire comme le vrai.... l

Tired....have homework to complete and other work which I want to get done
....Sighs....why am I on? Oh right, Luo, I didn't get your virtual gift

Anyways...okay, two minute break over.

First Ever Post
Oh wow...okay...does the time and date show up in the Journal? I'm guessing it does but just incase, it's exactly 11pm right now.
I am so worried that this will become a major procrastination activity.
If I do become addicted, I'm coming after you, Cindy!!!!!

Parlons de Nouvelle Caledonie, peut-etre?
Moins une semaine, je suis allee en Nouvelle Caledonie. C'etait une experience inoubliable et incroyable

Et maintentant, parlons en anglais, non?


Moi, maintenant, je parle de franglais. Apres avoir retourne de la Nouvelle Caledonie, j'avais toujours parle de francais quand je parle en anglais.

Et maintenant, je promis que je parlerai dans anglais.


Well, New Caledonia was onviously wickedly awesome, loved it there, the beach, the sun, the people, the places. Honestly though, toursit wise, I think one week was enough. Vacation wise, it was not enough because we spent THREE days at CREIPAC....learning NOTHING....

Well, have I changed that much?

Non, je ne croire pas (I don't believe so)

However, I think that I have changed in a few areas thanks to...Anton, Sabrina and Grace.
And damn, who knew Scarlet was such a pro at snapping REALLY HOT guys? I think she took the best one out of all us
Anton needs to take lessons on how to be discreet from Scarlet. The shirtless [but not extremely attractive] guys had their backs to Anton and she still got caught in the act of taking Sabrina's pics.
Scarlet on the other hand, damn, he was a piece of art, she caught him looking straight at the camera AND he didn't even notice. + on Pharee Amedee was also seeing this guy shirtless later on...xD

Anyways, one bad thing about New Caledonia.
MON DIEU, MONSIEUR JAGELMAN!!!! Okay, let's just say I will never be able to look at him in the same kind of way ever again after his performance. Sure, I feel sorry for the dude for being humiliated so infront of his students but do you know what I feel even more sorry for? MY EYES. Geez, and Mrs Donner and Mrs Georgius were laughing their heads off.

On a second note, why do all the Japanese students hate Mrs Georgius - this is directed towards you Guan. She was really nice, why is everyone so antagonistic towards her at school? I don't get it.

Hmm...what else can I talk about...? Oh, well we had great weather in New Caledonia on the contray to what sort of weather I heard Sydney received the week we left. We are so important that Sydney became depressed after we left .XD.

Oh god. that almost sounded Nancy like....uh-oh.

Okay...well, homestay was awesome, I guess, not much to talk about it, because that would take way too long. OH! I will mention one AWESOME thing. XD. Well, the nice lady actually took us to watch ALICE IN WONDERLAND!!!! And she paid for us, it was so nice of here, especially since it's really expensive there. It's arodn 1500F there which is around...AU$20. I had previously watched it at in English in 3D so watching it in French made it just that little bit more exciting, and I knew what was going on AND managed to take more notice of the special effects. xD

Well then...hmmm....I guess that's my first post.

xxx RCG

PS A side note, I am a little peeved that Sydney Girls got an all-expenses paid government funded trip to FRANCE.