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UNSW Outing
If I get an apathetic anne rong statement...I will scream...
If I get an apathetic cindy coment....*glares*
If I get an apathetic alice comment....damn you..-__-

No fair!!!! I asked anne like last week to get me a spiffy pen and she won't give me one know that she has spiffy unsw pens!!!

Waaaahhh! I want a unsw pen. Anyone care to donate since anne clearly shows favouritism...*glares pointedly at luo*
Although I have a feeling cindy's feeling equally vengeful this week and will just deliberately not give me one....-____-


Btw replies I got today from mass texts:

First: Eddy : one text...-___- the stupid noob then didn't reply to me and let me know what lecture he was at.
Second Jeanne - surprisingly, she texted me six times in the period where...no one texted me -____- you random noobs

btw, why was your phone off today luo?

also, cindy, are 3 inch heels too high to dance in?

Will tell you now. Have 2 pens up for grabs (technically one, but since I accidentally took two of one of them, it's only fair I guess).

The pecking order would be people who came with me (who prob have these pens anyway), the people who asked (she who whines the most wins) or it'll be thrown at Carmel if she comes too close (provides momentary relief as it distracts her).

Of the people who asked, none of you asked me. But it's just you and Luo. Since I sit next to you more, you're scarier and I might need to bug you in the near future, they're yours. But ask Nancy as well - she took 2-3 of everything.

yay! I love you!!! it's not my fault, I swear~! I had my HSC Chinese Oral Continuers exam today while you were all UNSW-ing. And it'd be easier to pry a hundred dollar bill from luo's hands than to pry the pens from nancy....TT

Yay! Thank you cindy!!!! you're the best !!!! :D

Just remember why they're up for grabs and stop sounding like you're five.

Saves me from hearing you whine about it anyway. Remind me Monday.

Lol you already got one from your VE

She did? Argh, whatever.

Will prob get this at open day anyway.

And the really "spiffy" pen, even oyu don't have. LOL

Do you want a periodic table? XD

Can I have it?
Annie you can scab stuff off your visual eyesores ==
And zomg at all the texts, I left my phone in my room and I never went back to it

YAY at Anne's favourtism. ^^

-_- no fair... why do you get all the spiffy stuff? and it's not like I scab stuff of Eddy or Edwin -_- imagine all the food you've scabbed of me since year seven -___-

so I want spiffy unsw pen!

(Deleted comment)
Oh btw, I have an extra 2010 diary. Up for grabs.

When you think about it, makes sense that Luo gets more since Anne had to go to your lectures.

But anne didn't go to any of my lectures...she went to the ones she wanted that coincided with what I wanted. She didn't get me any law booklets! Anne!!! why'd you give me business booklets?!!?!!? TT

It's harder to scab extra pens than small pieces of cardboard.

Plus I wouldn't have gone to the International Exchange lecture

I didn't get any law booklets cos Sindie said Jeanne got them for you already

I took the other stuff to look interested and shoved it at you XD

Sindie! You should've grabbed more of those spiffy pens lol

Nah, those were the ones Nancy grabbed a handful of and shoved to me. The guy was watching so couldn't go back for more. She took 4 - one for me, one for my sis and two for her (and her bro).

By the way I don't think you can 'expand' the 'collapsed' comments, unless you have a paid account...greedy guts.

Btw why must you always have to drag your visual eyesores into everything, we get that you're social, but there's no need to boast about it.

how do I drag my visual eyesores into everything? you're the one who won't stop bringing them up.... -____-

Hey, can if we just reply to this one instead of keep clicking reply to every reply, maybe it won't fold? try just replying to this message because the recent comments thing is retarded and takes ages to work

so....who's actually on LJ?

Annie's lonely, she's talking to herself.

Ummm...repeat since the thing folded....

Sighs no one one. I found out luo stole 35$ bucks of stuff from the cowra trip alone and is still sulking over the pillow.......

and that my group is going on an outing without me TT. how bad can it get

no body loves me

sniff sniff

good bye, cruel world

and luo, just got your text, where are you replying to? I can't find any.... TT

Re: Ummm...repeat since the thing folded....

You have plenty of friends outside of school -_-' so what are you sulking about?

waaaah this is stupid, I hate live journal sniff sniff sob sob

so does anyone know what I should do to keep all the stuff on my scholarship reflection statement besides shrinking font to size 4 or making the margins really dodgy? because it looks really unprofessional but I only get a page...