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UNSW Outing
If I get an apathetic anne rong statement...I will scream...
If I get an apathetic cindy coment....*glares*
If I get an apathetic alice comment....damn you..-__-

No fair!!!! I asked anne like last week to get me a spiffy pen and she won't give me one know that she has spiffy unsw pens!!!

Waaaahhh! I want a unsw pen. Anyone care to donate since anne clearly shows favouritism...*glares pointedly at luo*
Although I have a feeling cindy's feeling equally vengeful this week and will just deliberately not give me one....-____-


Btw replies I got today from mass texts:

First: Eddy : one text...-___- the stupid noob then didn't reply to me and let me know what lecture he was at.
Second Jeanne - surprisingly, she texted me six times in the period one texted me -____- you random noobs

btw, why was your phone off today luo?

also, cindy, are 3 inch heels too high to dance in?

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I love how we're like a pack of seagulls. XD

Yup. What's worse is every time you comment, we end up with twice as much spam (stop deleting comments damnit - and why don't you do it to Annie???)

Sorry, I delete comments for the display userpics, which has been rectified by naming the pictures.

No, no it's fine. Just make sure you do the same to Anne and Annie and Guan. Possibly Roslyn as well.

don't get it...what spam? anyways, how can I view all comments? the comments all sort know, what's the word...well, the folded up or whatever because I can't read anything anymore without clicking stuff...

Yeah how come it decided to 'fold' itself?

Because you guys spam too much.

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